About Goldin Group

Goldin Group is engaged in a diverse range of businesses across a collection of multinational companies. With headquarters in Hong Kong, the Group invests globally including in Hong Kong, mainland China, the U.S., Australia and Europe. Its integrated properties portfolio combines real estate, factories, wineries and stud farms. It conducts business in real estate development, financial services, consumer electronics, wine, polo and horse breeding. Within the Group there are two Hong Kong-listed companies: Goldin Properties Holdings Limited (Stock code: 00283) and Goldin Financial Holdings Limited (Stock code: 00530).

The Group aspires to consistently break the mould and has embodied throughout the organisation a desire to achieve the impossible and a commitment to creativity since established in 1993. By embracing new ways of thinking and by working hard to implement new goals, the Group aims to achieve success in the many areas in which it operates. The Group commits itself to driving each business further beyond its current achievements. With the courage to accept every challenge, no goal is impossible to achieve.


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